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Use the MindBridge sidebar

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The sidebar is a multi-purpose tool used to access various pages within the MindBridge app. 

Select the main menu icon ( Sidebar open icon ) to expand the MindBridge sidebar and reveal more information about each navigable page. Select the close icon ( Close ) to collapse the sidebar and only display the navigation icons.

Learn how to use the MindBridge sidebar to access:

Note: The contents of the sidebar change dynamically as you progress through the app.

Navigate MindBridge via the sidebar

Use the sidebar menu options below to navigate MindBridge.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 1.45.58 PM.png
  • Logo — Brings you to the Organizations page, which lists the organizations within MindBridge that you can access — may be the MindBridge logo, or your own
  • Data* ( Data page icon ) — Brings you to the landing page for your engagement, this page houses the data for each analysis in the engagement
  • File manager* ( File manager icon ) — Brings you to a secure storage space within which a copy of each file imported into the engagement exists
  • Analyze* ( Analyze menu icon ) — This menu provides quick access to all of your analysis results within the engagement
  • Audit plan* ( Audit Plan icon ) — Brings you to the page where all of the tasks you create for further investigation are stored
  • Back to all analyses / engagements / organizations ( Left arrow icon copy.svg ) — Brings you back one level from the page you are currently viewing.
  • Settings ( Settings icon ) — Select to access the settings available to you:
    • Analysis settings*** — Brings you to the settings for the analysis you are currently viewing
    • Engagement settings* — Brings you to the settings for the engagement you are currently within
    • Organization settings** — Brings you to the settings for the organization you are currently within
  • Admin ( Admin icon ) — Brings you to the settings for user management, account groupings, libraries, and more
  • Support ( Support icon ) — Select to expand the Customer Support options available to you:
    • Knowledge base — Brings you to the MindBridge knowledge base, a self-service portal with 600+ articles, guides, and answers to frequently asked questions about using MindBridge
    • Grant MindBridge access**** — Formerly "Get assistance," this option lets you give MindBridge's Data Support team access to your engagement so they can help you dig into data-driven issues
    • Get help — Select to open the Help panel, which you can use to search for helpful articles, or contact us directly
  • Notifications ( Notifications icon ) — Select to expand a panel that contains updates on notable activity within the engagement, such as new analysis being created
  • Your username — Select your name to expand your MindBridge account menu:
    • Your account — Houses the tenants you belong to and your account details
    • Log out — Select this option to sign out of MindBridge

* Only accessible from within an engagement.

** Only accessible from the Engagements page.

*** Accessible from within a completed analysis.

*** This option may be hidden by your organization. Contact your App Admin or Account Manager for more information.

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