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Manage user roles

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Learn how to change a user's role in MindBridge

Understanding system roles

MindBridge currently has 4 roles at the tenant level.

  • App Admin
  • User Admin
  • Organization Creator
  • User

See our article on user roles available in MindBridge for more information.


You must be an App Admin or User Admin to change a user's role.

Go to Admin settings

  1. Open the MindBridge sidebar.
  2. Select Admin (lock icon, third option from the bottom).
  3. Select the User management tab.
    You will go the User Management tab on the Admin page.

Change a user's role

  1. Open the Actions menu in line with the desired user’s name and email address.
  2. Select Edit role.
    A pop-up window appears.
  3. Select the System Role you want to assign to the user:
    • User
    • Organization Creator
    • User Admin
    • App Admin
  4. Once the user is assigned a system role, Save your changes.
     You will return to the User management tab.
Note: User Admins cannot add, edit, or disable App Admin accounts.

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