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Getting ready for year-end resource guide

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In addition to Tools and tips for the audit busy season blog, we’ve put together this practical guide so you have the top resources and documents at your fingertips. 

This guide includes:


Get everything you need in our compact Data literacy series on MindBridge Academy, which includes getting client data, data transformation, data ingestion, data integrity, and account mapping.

Getting and importing client data

Do you have all the data that you need for a successful analysis?
Learn everything about data requirements in our Requesting client data course.

Tip: Check out our list of ERP Export Guides.

Have you asked for your data as early as possible?
The earlier you ask for data from your clients, the more time you have to understand, format, and ingest the data into MindBridge. Bring data in earlier to better understand your client’s needs and support your data-driven planning approach.

Are you leveraging a direct connector?
You can now connect yourself or have a client connect to Quickbooks online and Sage Intacct.

Need more info? Review our Direct Connectors FAQ.

Is your data in the right format?
Learn how to correctly format your data with data formatting tips and tricks.

Need support with a data file?
Submit a data formatting request to get extra help.

Data ingestion

Learn how to import data like a pro with the Data ingestion course or review specific items by browsing our knowledge base

Top data ingestion features

Are you planning on using your own financial hierarchy in your analysis?
Check out the step-by-step Account Grouping course, followed by our Libraries course on how to create and customize your libraries.

Gaining value from your analysis

Take a look at our guide, Audit procedures: tools and tips for the audit busy season, to learn how to integrate MindBridge into your upcoming engagements.

Tip: Get more details with this webinar on Five new audit procedures leveraging MindBridge in 2021.

Leveraging your interim data

Learn how to leverage your interim work

Making the most out of your interim or previous year’s analysis

Best practices

How to get help

Learn about the types of support available, including: 


Does every member of your team have the right level of user access?
Learn more about the user roles available in MindBridge and how to edit and manage a user’s role.

Tip: If every member of your team will be creating account groupings, they will need Admin level access. This level of access can be revoked at any time.

Anything else on your mind?

Head over to the community with your thoughts and inquiries! You can also chat with us, or, submit a request for further assistance.

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