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Release notes for Q3 2023

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What’s new in MindBridge?

MindBridge's Transaction Risk Analytics ("TRA") — previously known as MindBridge Flex — is transforming the way financial professionals gain insight, make decisions, and navigate confidently through complex financial landscapes. This release, we're thrilled to introduce a host of new offerings, including a new configuration, new control points, and a new dashboard that you can use to sift through your data.

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New capabilities for Q3

MindBridge releases 4 updates a year with both new and improved capabilities and features.

Risk segmentation now available in TRA

With greater granularity and filtering capabilities, the Risk segmentation dashboard offers a flexible way to slice and dice your data and enables you to understand categorical risk in ways that are meaningful to you. Now, you can create unique segments to help analyze relevant risk, perform analytics-driven risk assessment, and export key insights uncovered in the data — like transaction data that needs a human touch to test and verify.

Start moving effortlessly from risk assessment activities to viewing underlying entries and transactions responsible for driving risk

Screenshot showing the Risk segmentation dashboard in a Revenue analysis

Learn about risk segmentation in MindBridge and how to use this dashboard

Note: This dashboard must be added to TRA configuration files before it can be accessed. Reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to get set up!

New configuration for TRA analysis

Revenue streams can be affected by various factors both within and outside your control, making them difficult to review and even more so to predict. Plus, new revenue recognition rules have added complexity to these processes, and simply comparing revenue data to previous periods is no longer sufficient.

Cue Revenue analysis! With a unique set of control points related to revenue analytics to help you identify opportunities and risks across key customer segments. This new purpose-built analysis allows you to quickly surface changes in behavioral trends, see surges of activity, find interesting or unusual payments, and much more.

Screenshot showing expanded entry details for Revenue analysis

Learn more about Revenue analysis

New algorithms for period-over-period data

Start leveraging your prior period data to improve the accuracy of risk scoring in your analysis, and gain insight into shifts in trends

  • Value Out of Prior Range can determine whether values in the current period are typical or not, based on historical data.
  • Volume Change From Prior Range detects period-over-period changes to the volume of activity, and can be used to identify surges or decreases in activity, and to define the expected range for the current period.

These new algorithms can be added to any TRA configuration in MindBridge — reach out to your Account Manager or MindBridge Customer Success Manager today to see how you can start leveraging these new analytics.

Learn about the Value Out Of Prior Range algorithm

Learn about the Volume Change From Prior Range algorithm

General improvements




  • Added ability to import French language QuickBooks® files via direct connector
  • Data table results can now be exported via the MindBridge API

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