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Prior period comparison dashboard (GL)

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This dashboard will allow you to consider changes from the most recent prior period during your assessment of inherent risks. 

Learn about the Prior period comparison dashboard for general ledger analyses, and how it is used in MindBridge.

Go to the Prior period comparison tab

  1. Select the logo in the MindBridge sidebar.
    You will go to the Organizations page.
  2. Select View in line with the desired organization.
    You will go to the Engagements page.
  3. Select View in line with the desired engagement.
    You will go to that engagement's Data page.
  4. Select View Analysis on the desired analysis.
  5. Once within an analysis, select Prior period comparison at the top of the page.
    You will go to the Prior period comparison tab.

Tip: If you are already in an analysis, simply use the sidebar to open the Analyze menu, then select the name of the analysis you want to see and go to the Prior period comparison tab.

Configuration details

This dashboard is only available on general ledger analyses after updating to the newest version of MindBridge. Contact your CSM for details.


This dashboard allows you to compare current and prior period datasets, helping to identify:

  • New or changed business processes
  • Large variances in balances
  • Changes in seasonality
  • Changes in risk profile for account areas

Once you have identified significant changes between the current and prior period, you can drill-down to view additional details, annotate on visualizations, and generate reports for your working paper solutions.

The Prior period comparison dashboard allows you to:

  1. Pivot and filter the data to see how different groups affect the various accounts
  2. View a summary of prior and current period data and risk scoring
  3. View a waterfall chart showing the activity changes of a specific account
  4. View a stream chart showing the total debits and credits of various groups between the current and prior period
  5. View a table with period-over-period account changes for various groups

Prior period dashboard overview copy.png

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