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FAQ: What is an analysis?

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MindBridge offers a folder system with 3 levels:

  • Organizations
    • Engagements
      • Analyses

Learn what an "analysis" is in MindBridge.

What is an analysis?

An analysis represents an analysis of data.

In MindBridge, analyses are grouped by analysis type.

Before an analysis can be run, the appropriate files must be imported into specific analyses. For example, a general ledger ("GL") analysis will require you to import a GL detail file, and similarly an accounts payable ("AP") analysis will require an AP detail file.

Below is a visual representation of MindBridge's folder system.

MindBridge foldering system.png

When you create an analysis, it will be tied to the engagement that houses it.

Interim time frame (GL only)

Analyses that use an interim time frame give you a head start on busy season by allowing you to import a portion of the data into MindBridge prior to fiscal year-end.

An interim GL analysis can be converted into a full GL analysis once you have the year-end dataset.

Learn more about the interim time frame

Periodic analysis (GL only)

Analyses that use a periodic time frame provide insights on financial and operational data that is imported on an ongoing basis, such as monthly or quarterly, so you can track risk over time.

Learn more about the periodic time frame

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