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Run an analysis

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Learn how to run your analysis once all the mandatory files have been imported.

Configuration details

Before an analysis can be run, you must import all required files and complete required steps such as account mapping.

Learn about the required data for general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable analyses.

Go to the Data page

  1. Select the logo in the MindBridge sidebar.
    You will go to the Organizations page.
  2. Select View in line with the desired organization, or click anywhere in the organization row.
    You will go to the Engagements page.
  3. Select View in line with the desired engagement, or click anywhere in the engagement row.
    You will go to the Data page for that particular engagement.

Tip: If you are already in an analysis, simply use the sidebar ( Sidebar_open-close_icon.svg ) to go to the Data ( Data_page_icon.svg ) page.

Run an analysis

  1. Find the analysis you want to run.
  2. Select Run analysis, located at the bottom of the analysis.
  3. Once the analysis completes, select View Analysis to go to the results.
Note: The volume and complexity of the data will impact how long the analysis will take. You can navigate away from this page while the analysis is in progress.

Re-running an analysis

When changes are made to an engagement, analyses within that engagement should be re-run. If they are not re-run, you may not have access to the most accurate, up-to-date results.

In some instances, you may need to re-import your files then re-run the analysis.

Select Re-run analysis.

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