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What is an interim time frame in an analysis?

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MindBridge's general ledger analysis is offered using a full, interim, or periodic time frame. This analysis runs our advanced suite of AI techniques against the provided general ledger data to find outliers, anomalies, errors, inconsistencies, and other forms of financial and operational risk.

When should I use an "interim" time frame?

Select the interim time frame during analysis creation when you want to analyze a portion of a general ledger before year end. An interim general ledger analysis can be created prior to year end so you can start the necessary audit work before busy season begins.

After being run successfully, the interim analysis can be converted into a full analysis at a later date, once you have acquired the complete general ledger. For example, if you have the general ledger data from January to the end of September, you could select September 30th as the interim as-at date, and run analytics on the data for that time period. This allows you to perform audit work before year end.

Once the interim analysis is converted to a full GL analysis and run again, it can be rolled forward into the next year (i.e., the current period data will become the next year's "prior period 1" data) to help you save time next busy season.

What is an interim analysis

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