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How do I adjust my column data?

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Learn about the kinds of adjustments you can make to column data.

Note: Once a file has been imported, changes can no longer be made to the column data as these adjustments can only be performed during column mapping. If the analysis has not yet been run, you can restart the import and adjust the column data as needed. If the analysis has been run, it must be archived and duplicated, at which point the dataset must be re-imported.


During the Map Columns step, you can join, split, or duplicate column data for more flexibility in the column mapping process.

  1. To adjust or manipulate column data, open the more actions menu ( More_actions_menu_icon.svg ) next to your column Headers.
  2. Select whether you would like to split, join, or duplicate the column data.

  3. A window will appear within which you can adjust the column data as needed.

    Columns created via the more actions menu are indicated by a blue dot. These columns can then be added as filters that you can leverage in the analysis results.


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