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What is the difference between an analysis period and a reporting period?

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Learn the difference between an analysis period and a reporting period within MindBridge.

Analysis period

The analysis period is set during analysis creation. This period corresponds to the date range you enter when importing data into MindBridge, which specifies the period of time that will be analyzed.

Once the data has been imported, the analysis period dates appear within each period is the analysis period. The start and end dates specify the first and last date of the period being analyzed, respectively.

Note: This information impacts the Analysis Period Adjustment control point.

Screenshot showing an exmaple analysis period

Reporting period

Each reporting period in the analysis is determined based on the reporting frequency set during engagement creation. The first reporting period corresponds to the fiscal start month and fiscal start day, and will last for the duration of the timeframe set, repeating for the duration of the analysis period. 

Note: This information impacts the Reporting Period Adjustment control point.


If the fiscal start was set to January 15th, and the reporting frequency was set to monthly, the first reporting period of the fiscal year would be assumed to be January 15th to February 14th. The subsequent reporting period would be February 15th to March 14th, and so on.

A screenshow showing an example reporting period

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