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Grant access to Xero

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Direct connectors (sometimes called APIs) let you import files directly into MindBridge so you can access your data from anywhere. 

Learn more about the Xero integration, and how to grant MindBridge access to Xero.

Grant access

You will receive an email from a MindBridge user inviting you to connect your data.

  1. Select Activate Account within the email.
    You will go to a sign in page.
  2. Use the Microsoft or Google sign in options.
    If you cannot sign in with either option, select Reset password and follow the prompts on your screen to create a password.
  3. Once you are able to sign in to MindBridge successfully, sign in to Xero.
    You will see a window with information about the connection
  4. Open the Financial management system menu and select Xero.

  5. Go back to your Xero account and use the select an organization menu to select MindBridge.
    If MindBridge is the only organization it will be selected by default.
  6. Select Allow access.

Once access has been granted you can close the window. The person who requested access will be notified that authorization has been granted. 

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