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Data Validation: Special characters that must be escaped

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Certain special characters present in field values must be escaped in order to preserve the integrity of the data. 

Learn about special characters to watch out for when using MindBridge.

Special characters

The symbols below may prevent MindBridge from properly detecting where columns begin and end.

  • " (double quotation mark) - a " character marks the beginning of a field and the next " marks the end of the field. If there is " character within the field, it must be escaped by preceding it with \ (backslash) or with another "
  • \ (backslash) - the \ character escapes the character immediately after it. If there is a \ character within the field, it must be escaped by preceding it with another \
  • the file's delimiter character (e.g., , (comma) for a CSV file, the tab character for a tab delimited file). If a field contains the file's delimiter character, that field must be wrapped in "" (begin with " and end in ")
  • ' (single quotation mark) - the ' character does not cause problems as often as the ones previously listed, but it is safest to wrap fields containing ' characters in "" (begin with " and end in ")

Improper escaping commonly causes the following error on ingestion: MBER1332 - Encountered single record with more lines than the specified upper limit of 100.

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