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Error code: MBER1102

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While trying to import a general ledger, you encounter the following error:

A cell in row (row number) contains too many characters and cannot be read. Reduce the 
number of characters or contact Customer Support for assistance.


What does this error mean?

MindBridge has encountered a single record with more lines than the specified upper limit of 4096 characters.


There is an unbalanced quotation character ( " or ' ) on the line specified.

  1. Open your general ledger file and go to the row specified in the error message.
  2. Search for a double or single quotation mark ( " or ' ). An odd (as opposed to even) number of either of these quotation marks will cause this error; either add a balancing " or ', or remove all " and ' characters.
    Note: Properly formatted CSV files have " characters to escape values that have , (comma) in them, in which case you should not just delete all " characters from the file.
  3. If there are more than a few rows with unbalanced (odd number) quotation marks, notify your client of this issue and ask them for a better formatted file (e.g., in proper CSV format or tab delimited text file).

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