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Why is MindBridge unable to process my file format?

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Learn about why MindBridge cannot process the file you are tying to import.


When trying to import a file, the import fails and an error message appears.


If the data is in a grouped format, re-organize it into an ungrouped format for processing.

Re-import your data file:

  1. Open the Actions menu in line with the file.
  2. Select Replace file.
  3. In the Confirm Format stage, select Ungrouped Data File from the File format menu.


Root cause

MindBridge cannot process data that appears in a grouped format.

Data is considered "grouped" when numbers, column headers, and accounts appear randomly throughout the cells in a spreadsheet. If each row of data does not contain every single data point, there is no systematic way for MindBridge to identify where to extract the debit or credit amount for a given row.

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