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FAQ: Client Direct Connection Request

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What should I do if I don’t see my financial management system listed?

We’re sorry that your financial management system is currently not supported for a direct connection to MindBridge. The person who sent you the data connection request will be notified and will likely reach out to you with an alternative method.

What is a direct connector?

A direct connector creates a connection for a limited time between your ERP or financial management system and MindBridge. The direct connector requires your authorization and log-in credentials meaning you have greater control over when the authorization is first opened and when it can be closed.

Within the authorization request, you can see the amount of time requested by your auditor. After this time period has expired, the direct connection is closed automatically.

Do I need to do any other setup to establish a direct connection?

More sophisticated ERP or financial management systems may require some additional one-time configuration before a direct connection can establish. After selecting your financial management system during the authorization process, you may be prompted with articles specific to your system.

As an example, Intacct has a one-time setup that takes just a few minutes to complete.

What information will my auditor have access to?

After authorizing the direct connector, auditors can pull trial balance, general ledger detail, accounts payable/receivable data and chart of accounts information.

The direct connectors are read-only meaning they are unable to push information back into your ERP or financial management system and the auditor will not be able to access your system directly using the direct connector.

Can I cancel the connection, or do I have to wait for the connection to expire?

The ability to disconnect from an active connection will depend on the ERP or financial management system. As an example in QuickBooks Online, however, users can disconnect from MindBridge at any time:


Why do I need to create an account with MindBridge when granting authorization?

MindBridge requires an account to provide the safest and most secure client experience possible. By using two levels of security (MindBridge login and ERP/financial management system log-in), you are better protected from security risks such as phishing attacks.


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