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Entry Risk Over Time graph: Accounts receivable

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Learn about the risk over time graph in accounts receivable analyses.


To view the Entry Risk Over Time graph, go to the Risk Overview dashboard.

Use the graph

Hover over a segment on the graph to reveal:

  • Date: the month, week, or day the bar represents
  • High: the entry count of high risk entries within the selected period
  • Medium: the entry count of medium risk entries within the selected period
  • Low: the entry count of low risk entries within the selected period

Select any segment to drill-down to the Data Table and review a detailed list of entries for the selected time frame and risk category.


Change the time interval

By default, the graph displays the data in monthly intervals.

Open the View By menu and choose to view the graph by month, week, or day.


Change the time window

By default, the graph displays data from all dates within your current period. To narrow the scope of the graph, click and drag the time slider to the desired range.


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