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Change a task’s status

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Learn how to change a task's status.

Go to the Audit Plan

  1. When you are within an engagement, select the menu icon to open the MindBridge sidebar from any page.
  2. Select Audit Plan. You will go to the Audit Plan page.
  3. Select the analysis type* you want to see:
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable

Tasks for each respective analysis type will appear below.

*Note: You will only see analysis types for which you have created tasks.

Change task status 

Note: New tasks are automatically set to “Open”. Learn about the different statuses a task may be assigned.
  1. Select View Details in line with the task you want to resolve.
    You will be taken to the task's Details page.
  2. Open the Actions menu and select either:
    • Mark as Normal: The transaction appears to be a reasonable business practice that does not require further investigation.
      • A pop-up window appears in which you can enter text in the Description section. When you are satisfied, select Mark as Normal.
    • Resolve: All work identified to resolve this task has been completed.
Note: Choosing Edit or Delete will take you down a different path.

The task’s status is now set according to your selection.

Reopen a task

You can reopen tasks marked as normal or resolved at any time.

  1. On the Task Details page, open the Actions menu.
  2. Select Reopen.
    A pop-up window appears in which you can enter text in the Description section.
  3. When you are satisfied, select Reopen.

The task is now set to “Open.”

View the status of each task on:

  • The Audit Plan page
  • The Task Details page

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