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Classified Detail Summary CCH (Grouped Trial Balance)

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The article talks about how to export a grouped trial balance from CCH.

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Note: Users still need to verify the imported account mappings and confirm their accuracy before performing an analysis.

Two steps are required to leverage CCH's grouped trial balance:

  1. Export a grouped trial balance from CCH
  2. Import the grouped trial balance into MindBridge


Export a grouped trial balance from CCH

From the Create Trial Balance Report tab, generate a grouped trial balance export. There are 2 settings that need to be configured to maximize the file’s accuracy:

  1. Select the Classified Report checkbox.
  2. Under Report types, select the Detail radio button.

In the settings page, hide the empty groups and subgroups:


The Excel export will look similar to the below image:


Import the grouped trial balance to MindBridge

You will then be taken to the 3-step chart of accounts import wizard, which has the following steps:

  1. Select Data
  2. Map Columns (if required)
  3. Map Accounts

To learn how to import a chart of accounts, visit our article: Importing Your Chart of Accounts or MAC File

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