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Ratio builder: Overview

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MindBridge's ratio builder is a robust tool that allows you to create your own financial ratios. Learn about the ratio builder and the important fields used in it. 


When building a ratio, fields contain a term and an operator.

  • Term: A quantifiable element in your ratio
  • Operator: The mathematical expression to be performed on the element (the only field that does not contain an operator is the first field of a row)

Note: When building ratios, note that debits and credits retain their positive and negative signs. If you are converting a ratio that has a credit balance in the numerator or denominator, you will need to add [* -1] to the credit balance in order for the ratio to be presented as a positive balance. For example, a current ratio formula will be: 12002 Current assets, Ending Balance divided by 22002 Current liabilities, Ending Balance * -1.


  • The field outlined in black contains a term
  • The field outlined in red contains a term and operator

The first term is being multiplied by 365, then divided by a third term: Days in the YTD period. 


Account modifiers

When adding an account to a ratio you can select a modifier to change the values of the account. The following modifiers are available:

  • Opening Balance: The balance of the account at the start of the period.
  • Average Daily Balance: The average daily ending balance of the account throughout the period. This is calculated as (starting balance for the period + ending balance for the period) / 2.
  • Ending Balance: The balance of the account at the end of the period.
  • Credit Amount: The sum of all credit entries to the account within the period.
  • Debit Amount: The sum of all debit entries to the account within the period.
  • Activity: The net activity (debits minus credits) within the period.
  • Risk Average: This is the MindBridge score, i.e., the average overall risk score of entries to the account within the period.
  • Cumulative Year-to-Date Activity: The sum of all activity in the account (net debits minus credits) from the start of the analysis period to the end of the reporting period.

Add fields

  1. Select Add in the respective row.
  2. Choose the term you'd like to add to the row.

Add a new field between existing fields

  1. Select the ellipses icon beside the existing field to open a menu.
  2. Select Add new field left or Add new field right depending on where you want the new field to be created.

Replace and delete fields

Some complex ratios require a multitude of fields in each row. Replacing or deleting fields allows you to quickly and easily make adjustments.

  1. Select the ellipses icon beside the existing field to open a menu.
  2. Select Replace current field or Delete current field.

Define or change an operator

  1. Select the operator symbol to open a menu.
  2. Select the operator you want to use in the ratio:
    • * (multiplication) 
    • / (division) 
    • + (addition) 
    • - (subtraction)

Bracket groups

To add a bracket group to your row:

  1. Select Add to open the menu.
  2. Select Bracket Group.
  3. Adjust the term and operator, and/or add more terms within the bracket group.


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