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Income statement report (General Ledger)

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The Income statement report shows quarterly and total analysis period revenues and expenses. This report allows you to see the specific general ledger accounts that contribute to your balances. 

This report takes full advantage of account groupings. To learn more, review how to export and re-import account mappings.

Learn about the Income statement report in MindBridge.

Note: Learn how to generate reports in MindBridge.

Report overview

This document is available to export in .XLSX format.

Gif showing the income statement report


At the top of the "Current" sheet, you will see:

  • Engagement: The name of the given engagement.
  • Analysis Name: The name of the given analysis.
  • Uploaded Date: The date and timestamp for the dataset that was imported into MindBridge.
  • Reporting Period: The span of time covered by the financial statements, which may be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Fiscal Period Start: The month and day that the fiscal period begins.

Below, in the Corporate Income Statement section, you will see a list of accounts.


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