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Exporting & Re-Importing Your Account Mappings

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The article talks about re-importing the account mappings to your analysis. While you can map your accounts from within MindBridge, you can also export account mappings as an Excel spreadsheet and map them manually.

Exporting Account Mappings


To perform this task, you will need to navigate your engagement’s Data page


From your engagement’s Data page, click Verify in the analysis' Account Mapping section. If you have already verified your accounts, the Verify button will be a View button.


You’ll be taken to the Account Mapping page. Click the Additional options drop-down and select Export Account List.


Your account mappings will begin downloading to your browser’s default download location.


Working with the Exported Mappings

The exported Account Mappings file contains two worksheets: 

  1. Your account mapping structure
  2. MindBridge's account ontology

The "Accounts" worksheet contains a series of "VLOOKUP ()" formulas. These Excel formulas are used to find specific values in a worksheet. Use this formula to locate the appropriate account MAC code from the "MAC Codes" worksheet. 

Here’s a Microsoft video that provides more depth on VLOOKUP () formulas: 

The “MAC Codes” worksheet contains all the available MAC codes. From here, copy-and-paste the appropriate MAC code to your client's account number. 


Once you find the proper MAC code, paste it into the "Mac Code" column (column C) in the "Accounts" worksheet.


When adding a MAC code, the lower account levels will update to match the new code.


Importing Account Mappings

Once satisfied with your account mappings, you can import the file back into MindBridge.


To perform this task, you'll need to navigate your engagement’s Data page


From the Account Mapping page, click on the drop-down and click Re-Import Account List.


You will be taken to the import wizard used to import the chart of accounts. Import your new file and all your account mappings will be updated.

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