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What is a Client ID and how can I leverage it?

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Do you know how much to bill your clients? If your firm uses an internal billing code structure for your clients (Client ID), you can add that code to the Client ID section to keep track of individual clients, their engagements and organizations, and their files, to pass costs on to your clients.

When you export a report from MindBridge, there will be more context for each import, including who the import belongs to.

Learn how to access and report using Client IDs.

Configuration details

  • To access the Client ID you must have access to the organization as an Organization Creator or Manager.
  • For reporting with Client IDs, you must be an Admin.

Access the Client ID

  1. Select the MindBridge icon in the sidebar to go to the Organizations page.
  2. Select View in line with the desired organization, or click anywhere in the organization row to go to the Engagements page.
  3. Open the sidebar and select the gear icon.
    You will go to the Organization Settings.
  4. Add the Client ID to the field.

Report with Client IDs

Adding client IDs (for example, allows Admins to run an activity report to validate the activities you performed for each client.

A tenant Admin can pull reports that list all the active organizations within a specified time period. The report will display the Client ID, the organization name, the time the organization was created, and the file(s) imported within the specified period.

Client ID Organization created Engagement created Files imported
1234 Highwind A (19.11.20) FY 2020 (19.11.20)

GL 2020 - Parent Company (20.11.20)

1234 Highwind A (19.11.20) FY 2020 (19.11.20) GL 2020 - Subsidiary (20.11.20)
1234 Highwind A (19.11.20) FY 2020 (19.11.20) GL Subsidiary B (20.11.20)


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