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Run an Activity report

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Learn how to setup, run and export an activity report.

Configuration details

You must be an App Admin to run an Activity report.

Go to the Admin section

  1. Open the MindBridge sidebar from any page within MindBridge.
  2. Select Admin ( Admin_icon.svg ). 
    You will go to the User management tab on the Admin page.
  3. Select the Activity report tab.

Setup, run and export

  1. Select the Date range field to open the calendar, then select a date range for the report.
  2. Open the User menu and select users you want to include.
  3. Open the Category menu and select the categories to include.
  4. When you are satisfied, Export report.
    MindBridge exports the report to your browser's default download location.

Learn more about the structure of the Activity report and event categories and types in MindBridge.

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