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My data is too big to fit in one Excel file, can I import multiple files?

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Learn about what to do when you have multiple GL files to import in the same analysis.


Currently only one general ledger file can be imported per year, per analysis.

Solution 1

Combine the data into one Excel file on a single sheet, or one single text/CSV file.

If all your individual files are all in an ingestible format and are in separate Excel workbooks, you can use the merge tool to combine them.

If the worksheets to be combined are all in the same workbook or if one of the workbooks to be combined contains multiple worksheets, you will first need to use the split tool to split the sheets into individual files, and then you will be able to select which of these you would like to combine.

If the files you are looking to combine are not yet in an ingestible format, you can submit a data formatting request.

Solution 2

Leverage MindBridge's data connectors to import the data needed for the analysis all at once.

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