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How can I export the list of suspicious keywords?

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This article explains how to export your list of suspicious keywords.


  1. Within your analysis, navigate to the Data table tab.
  2. Use the filter builder to apply the Suspicious Keyword filter.
  3. Select all required entries or transactions and export the selected to Excel.

  4. Within the Excel export, review the criteria in the filter that was applied in the Summary tab of the exported excel file.
    It should look similar to this - in this example the filter using the keyword "mr" was applied.unnamed.png

  5. Additionally, on the GL Settings tab of the Data Table Export are the settings for all control points. This sheet should list all of the keywords that were used in the Suspicious Keyword control point settings within engagement settings.

  6. You may need to unhide the rows by using the plus button on the left side of the file to see this information.


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