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Release notes: December 2022

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What’s new in MindBridge?

You’re about to head into another busy season, and MindBridge has been busy beefing up and smoothing out key features to optimize your team’s workflow and improve operational efficiency.

New capabilities for Q4

Enhancements to account grouping and account mapping

The verify mapping workflow has been re-structured to allow you to perform additional actions at the engagement level without impacting your firm's primary account grouping.

Now when you verify the accounts, you can choose to see them presented in a list or as a hierarchy and can rename accounts within the grouping as needed. In the new review step, you can see account balances and perform a pre-analysis completeness check to ensure accounts are mapped appropriately and line up with your clients' financial statements.

These changes will be saved to the engagement and can be rolled forward into future analyses.

Note: When account groupings are renamed, the changes will be reflected in all analyses within the engagement for presentation purposes. MindBridge will not re-interpret accounts based on label changes, and will not alter the nature of the accounts (i.e., account types, grouping levels, or associated MAC codes) at the library level. If you want to make material changes to account mappings or inherited account groupings, seek guidance from your CSM or App Admin.


Learn more about the verify accounts workflow

Expanding the MindBridge API

The MindBridge API is a game changer, with huge time-saving potential for you and your team. Our investment in supporting secure data import and results output for both the general ledger and configurable ledger analyses ensures you get the most out of MindBridge as your business scales.

We’ve also built up our reference documentation to help you navigate and understand the various endpoints, call requests, and responses more easily. Additionally, we’ve made the MindBridge Open API specification file available to export from the reference page.


Learn more about the MindBridge API and leverage the most common workflows

Read the general API FAQ

Read the technical API FAQ




  • Quicker handling of large volumes of data within Transaction Risk Analytics ("TRA") — previously known as "MindBridge Flex".
  • New ability to rename TRA-specific control points within the TRA configuration file (available through your CSM)
  • Get analysis results faster with refined risk scoring.
    • Note: As MindBridge evolves, we strive to optimize our approach to risk scoring—and this time, we focused on expediting analysis results. To that end, users who ran an analysis before the December 2022 release and who want to re-run the same dataset after the release may see minor changes to Outlier Anomaly (v.2) and Flow Analysis scores. The MindBridge score should not differ by more than the expected ±2.1%. Analyses run before December 6th, 2022 will not be affected.


  • The information window for the Expert Score control point (available on the Data table dashboard after selecting an entry or transaction) now provides the top 10 monetary flows that contributed to the score | Learn more
  • New customization options for data table exports  | Learn more
  • New "Monetary flow" column available for selection in the data table and audit plan exports to indicate simple and complex flows

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