December 2021 release is here, with Merge Action to combine files! Featured

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Kate H MindBridge Data Team

Welcome to the December 2021 release! Do you have multiple general ledger files that are in ingestible format except for the fact that they are spread over multiple files and/or Excel worksheets? If so, our new Merge Action to combine multiple files can save you time! This tool, used in conjunction with our new Split Action that saves different worksheets in Excel workbooks, will allow you to combine multiple files and worksheets.

Here is how to take advantage of this new Merge Action:

  • Make sure that each file/worksheet is already in ingestible format on its own. This new tool currently does not do any formatting other than combining the files. See Data Formatting Guide: Data Requirements for more technical details on the requirements for a file to be ingestible.

  • Make sure that all of the data columns that you need to use are the same across all workbooks and worksheets. Even if the columns are not always in the same order, or some files have extra columns that you do not need, that is fine, as this new tool will allow you to match up corresponding columns and/or omit others.


Note that if you need to combine worksheets in an Excel workbook, you will first need to use our new Split Action to split the sheets into individual files, and then you will be able to select which of these you would like to combine.

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