August 2021 release is here, with data ingestion improvements! Featured

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Kate H MindBridge Data Team

Welcome to the new August 2021 release! As soon as you begin importing your first GL file after being upgraded to this release, you will notice that Step 1 is a new "Data Validation" step that will give you some high level information about the data in your file. This will allow you to perform some quick sanity checks and spot potential data ingestion and integrity issues before you import, saving you time by helping you troubleshoot issues and not having to go further in the ingestion process on a large, slow file only to find data integrity or formatting issues later on.

For example, you will be able to see right on the Data Validation screen if your account ID column has blank cells, your debit/credit/amount columns do not balance or have unexpectedly high or low maximum or minimum values, your effective dates have unexpectedly large (e.g., greater than 365) or small (e.g., just a handful) number distinct values, or not all rows in your file have the same number of columns, which could indicate corrupt data.

Please check out our Release Notes, including the training courses listed at the bottom of the release notes, and let us know what you think!



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