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Kaitlyn Masseo MindBridge Community Team
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How do I add a post to the Community? Easy!

There is a New post button on the Community homepage, below all of the topics. Click this button to create a post!

You will be taken to a new screen to create your post. Here is what you need:

  • Title: Enter a title for your post. This is required
  • Details: Enter the contents of your post (i.e. your question, tip/trick, links to other sources, etc.). Please include as much detail as possible. This will help other community members help you better! If you would like to include an image or screenshot in your post, you can use the image icon at the top of the Details text box to do this.
  • Topic: Choose which topic you would like to create your post under using the dropdown menu.

After you have added all your information to the post, click the Submit button to share it in the Community! Your post will now be available to all other Community members to see and interact with.


How do I edit a post after I have submitted it? Use the gear icon on the top right side of your post and choose the Edit option! This will allow you to make any changes. After you've made all your changes, click the Update button to save them.





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