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Kaitlyn Masseo MindBridge Community Team

New to the MindBridge Community and want to know how to get the most out of it? Start here!

Our goal is to provide a space to connect with fellow MindBridge users and the MindBridge team, to learn, share, and collaborate. Read more to learn about our different topics and what you can expect!

New Community Members - Start Here!: All the information you need to get started with the MindBridge Community

Technical Tips & Best Practices: Tips, tricks, and best practices to help you be successful during the data ingestion process. Anything and everything related to data (formatting, exporting, etc.) found here!

Data Ingestion: Have a question about the data ingestion process in MindBridge? Post it here and our team will help!

Account Groupings: Post questions or share tips on creating account groupings in MindBridge.

Product Feedback: Have any feedback or ideas for feature requests for MindBridge? Submit them here! We keep a close eye on this section - anything posted here will be regularly reported back to our Product Team. See feedback or a request you agree with? Vote on it!

Account Mapping: Account mapping can be tricky. We are here to help! Post any questions here and our team will assist.

Troubleshooting: Running into any issues? Post any questions here and we can help guide you to a solution.

Results Review: Have any questions after your analysis has run? Post them here and our team will help!

Risk Scoring: Post any questions related to risk scoring here and our team will assist.


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    Wayne McCullough

    Very nice, high-level review of features and functionality.


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