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Quick start guide: Common workflows for GL analyses

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There are so many ways to use MindBridge that getting started can feel overwhelming. We've compiled this quick start guide to help you get a feel for some common workflows for general ledger analyses so you can get started in MindBridge, fast!

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MindBridge workflow

Process of running an analysis in MindBridge, from initial system setup to completing the analysis.

Get set up for an analysis

Account grouping

(App Admin only)

Custom financial hierarchy based on industry template or entity’s financial statements.

Note: If you are using a MindBridge base library, go straight to ‘Organization’


(App Admin only)


  • Account groupings
  • Financial ratios
  • Filters
  • Risk scores


Hosts all client engagements, account mappings and data imported.


Select a library and enter engagement details.

Hosts client analyses.

Create an analysis

An analysis represents an analysis of data.

Roll forward

How to roll data forward from an analysis to a new engagement.

Note: You must have successfully run a general ledger analysis before data can be rolled forward.


Request data from customers

(A&A only)

Plan in advance to ensure clients are able to provide you the necessary documentation

Extract and transform data


  • COA
  • GL (CY & PY)
  • Opening & closing balances
  • Additional data
  • Format GL


Import data

Import formatted, required data

Transaction ID

Ensure during the load data phase you are able to select a transaction ID to break down the data within the General Ledger

Account mapping and account grouping at the engagement level

Verify accounts

Review your account grouping and account mappings, and make any necessary adjustments at the engagement level.

Verify balances

Pre-analysis completeness check

Assess the completeness of a general ledger before running analysis.

Run the analysis

Run analysis

Run the analysis and review results.

Re-import and re-run

How to re-import files and re-run an analysis in MindBridge.


How to interpret analysis results

Learn about the MindBridge score and the various dashboards available in a general ledger analysis.

Documentation on how to rely on MindBridge

Includes documentation on how to include results in your working paper solutions


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