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DATEV: Transform the general ledger

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This guide will take a slightly different approach than the rest of our general ledger (GL) transformation articles. Rather than a step-by-step process, we will outline some of the ideas behind formatting a DATEV ledger. As some of the steps can be quite complicated, we do not necessarily recommend you attempt these changes to the general ledger yourself unless you already have a deep understanding of the data you wish to format. Instead we would recommend you raise a support ticket from within MindBridge, granting us access to the engagement and allowing our support team to assist in the formatting.


Typically DATEV data is provided within a GDPdU package. While the data is well structured, there are some issues with the content that require some special formatting. There are a few pieces of information that are important to understand before starting the formatting as they can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the data. Providing the information below with a formatting request is very helpful and will greatly expedite the process!

Subledger summarization accounts

Does the GL include entries from subledger (i.e. D - Debitoren, K - Kreditoren) accounts? If so:

  • Which account do the D accounts roll into?
  • Which account do the K accounts roll into?

Account number format

What is the expected account number format?

Account numbers are typically expressed as integers in the GL, but that may also include subaccount numbers. For example, an account number could be ABCDEFG.0 in the GL file, but it may need to be converted to ABC DEFG (where ABC is the base account number and DEFG is the subaccount number).

Do you need to add or remove leading zeroes? In the above example, does ABCDEFG.0 become 0ABC DEFG?

Trial Balance

There are common trial balance issues that can make reconciling the completeness check quite challenging. To avoid confusion, double check the following:

  • P&L account opening balances are zeroed out
  • Account balances are reported with the correct sign (Debit = positive, Credit negative)

Next Step: DATEV: Import the general ledger into MindBridge

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