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FAQ: MindBridge API (Technical)

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Learn about the technical use of the MindBridge API.

Configuration details

You must be an App Admin to access the API page.

What is MindBridge responsible for?

  • Maintaining API infrastructure
  • Documentation and education materials
  • Maintaining security protocols
  • API access
  • Outputs to users (results exports)
  • Providing customer support

Review our Terms of Use for more details.

As a user of the API, what do I manage?

  • Interactions with the MindBridge API
  • Generating and managing API tokens, including permissions and lifecycle
  • Using the desired API endpoints and actions
  • Maintaining user-side technical capabilities required to interact with the API

Review the MindBridge API documentation and tutorial materials for more details.

How is MindBridge securing my data?

  • Leverages the same security as the MindBridge Web Application (IDP/OAuth, user permissions, etc.)
  • Access through API tokens (bearer tokens)
  • Encryption
  • Rate Limiting, Prevent DDoS
  • MindBridge must leverage existing security measures to maintain ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2

What kind of permissions can be applied to each token?

  • Read
  • Write
  • Delete

Can tokens be revoked or re-issued?

Tokens can be deleted at any time.

While tokens can be renewed, this action does not re-use the existing token, but rather copies the existing settings into a new token.

Can users be deactivated after they have been granted access to the API?

App Admins can delete tokens within the application.

Does MindBridge offer a public or private API?

MindBridge offers a partnered API that is available to customers and partners where applicable. The API is not publicly accessible.

Will access control allow for certain aspects of the API to be accessible by certain users, and restricted for others?

Yes, App Admins can set specific permissions for each token based on user roles.

Note: Tokens must be stored it in a secure location, and much like your personal passwords, should never be shared. The security of your token is paramount. If a token is compromised, the App Admin should disable and re-issue the token immediately.

Does MindBridge provide log files?

MindBridge logging for the API is managed and handled just as it is today in the web application.

As a user of the API, where can I start?

  • Read the MindBridge API documentation
  • Generate or get access to an API token
  • Try out desired API endpoints and actions

Anything else on your mind? Chat with us or submit a request for further assistance.

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