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Error code: MBER1604

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Learn about error code MBER1604 and how to resolve it.


The following error appears:

MindBridge encountered an error. Try again and if the issue persists, grant MindBridge access to your engagement so Customer Support can dig into the issue.


This occurs when a ratio fails to convert from an Account grouping to another on library creation likely due to missing mac codes in target Account grouping.

What does this error mean?

When a ratio is converted to a new account grouping the below process is being followed:

  1. Convert the ratio to MAC using the source account grouping.
  2. Find every code that maps to each MAC code in the destination account grouping.
  3. Group terms together (as at this point we will likely have a lot of redundancy).

If in step 1 a produced MAC code is not found in the destination account grouping, then the ratio cannot be converted, as it relies on information that the grouping lacks.


Check the source account grouping file used to convert the ratio to MAC to identify if a produced MAC code is missing in the destination file. If the issue persists, grant MindBridge access to your engagement.

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