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Error code: MBER1338

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Learn about error code MBER1338 and how to resolve it.


While appending an account grouping, the following error message appears:

You are attempting to append account code {code} to an account grouping that exists at the most granular level ({parentCode}). To append an existing account grouping, select an account from a higher level.

What does this error mean?

A new entry cannot be added at a level underneath an existing, most granular code, as it may corrupt existing mappings.

In the example below Current Assets.01.01 goes down to L3 and exists at the most granular level.


Attempts to add an L4 under an L3 that previously had a MAC code (row 6 in the screenshot below) would be a violation and would trigger an error.



The new appending file must be updated so there are no entries at a level underneath an existing, most granular level.

In the above example both L2 and L3 can be added, but not an L4.

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