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Error code: MBER1183

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Learn about the error code MBER1111 and how to resolve it.


The following error appears when trying to save an account grouping:

MindBridge could not save the account grouping due to missing data on row {rowNumber}. Ensure all relevant data is included and re-import the file.

What does this error mean?

When the account grouping is imported, it undergoes through several checks to make sure that the file is in the correct format. This error occurs when the file contains invalid data or is incorrectly formatted. This specific error code is only used if the grouping has a completely blank row or missing "parents" (only data for lower level).

For example, in the below screenshot the line 9, code (1400) has a missing L2 which would cause this error.



Go back to the grouping file and modify the blank value in L2 for code 1400 on line 9 so that there are no incomplete rows. Refer to the screenshot below for context.


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