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Error code: MBER1179

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Learn about error code MBER1179 and how to resolve it.


While ingesting a CSV (comma-separated values) file, the following error message appears:

A cell in column {columnName}, row {rowNumber} was not escaped properly. Escape this cell and re-import the file. If the issue persists, grant MindBridge access to your engagement so Customer Support can dig into the issue.

What does this error mean?

Our CSV parser was not able to correctly identify proper column delimitation due to the absence or excess of a common delimiter character inside a column of data.


The delimiter character can either be deleted from the column of characters or properly escaped.

As an example, consider the following text string:


The single quote character (') is not closed off i.e. text must be enclosed within a set of quotation marks. To fix the issue, we can either add the closing quotation mark like so "tes'te',123,test" or remove it altogether if it is not required to be within the text string; "teste,123,test".

If further issues persist upon adding the closing single quotation mark character, further escape the single quote character by adding a set of double quotation marks followed by another instance of the single quote character. i.e. "tes"'"te,123,test".

The double quote character (") surrounding the text string while properly enclosing the text may also present issues. Either remove the double quotes altogether or further escape the character by adding another set of quotes to enclose both the opening and closing quotes (i.e. ""tes'te,123,test"").

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