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PointClickCare (PCC): Import the general ledger into MindBridge

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This guide will cover the process of importing a PCC General Ledger into MindBridge.


The recommendations provided in this article are based on data we have gathered at MindBridge that looks at the most common column mappings provided by our users for PCC.  

It is recommended to always validate the mappings before you complete them, and if in doubt check with your client or business owner. Reach out to the MindBridge Support team for additional assistance. 

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Import data

  1. Import your general ledger file into MindBridge through the File Manager, or by importing directly to the General Ledger section on the Data page. For step-by-step instructions, follow our Import a general ledger guide until the Map Columns step.
  2. At the Map Columns step, we recommend to map the PCC fields as follows:
MindBridge Column PCC Column Name Possible Alt Column Mappings Fields used in MindBridge Used in Analytics*
Account ID GL Account #   Required  Yes
Effective Date Posted Date   Required Yes
Debit Debits   Required Yes
Credit Credits   Required Yes
Transaction ID transaction   Recommended** Yes
Memo Description   Recommended Yes
Account Description GL Account Description    Optional No
Type [not commonly mapped]   Optional Yes
User ID [not commonly mapped]   Optional No
Entered Date Effective Date Posted Date Optional Yes

* Optional columns, even if not used in the analytics, can be included for filtering and other visualizations.

** Transaction ID is required but does not necessarily need to be in one single column. In the Review Data step of the ingestion process, MindBridge will recommend a transaction ID based on your data, or you can choose and/or combine different columns to create one. For more information: Understand Transaction ID and data integrity

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