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Why is MindBridge misreading my monetary values?

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Learn why MindBridge may be reading values in the currency column incorrectly.


MindBridge misread several monetary values.

For example, 490089.95 might have been read as 49008995.


Ensure all monetary values in the currency column include a decimal point to separate whole numbers from fractional values, then re-import the file and try again.

Scenario 1

A monetary value in the document used a dot (.) as both the thousands separator and the decimal separator.

For example, 490.089.95.

To resolve the issue, remove the thousands separator from the value: 490089.95.

Scenario 2

A monetary value in the document used a comma (,) as a decimal separator instead of a dot.

For example, 490089,95.

To resolve the issue, change the comma to a dot: 490089.95.

Scenario 3

A monetary value in the document does not include decimals on whole numbers.

For example, 490089.

To resolve the issue, add a dot as a decimal separator to the end of the value: 490089.00

Root cause

MindBridge could not detect a reliable decimal separator in the imported document.

If the imported file contains a significant number of rows with deviant values, the currency format detector may detect that a dot separator is a numeric grouping symbol rather than a decimal separator.

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