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Sage 50 (Canada): Transform the general ledger

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Learn about the process of transforming for import into MindBridge a general ledger file exported from Sage 50 (Canada). 


This guide assumes that you have exported a CSV file from Sage 50 (Canada) in the following format, as detailed in the Sage 50 (Canada): Export the general ledger guide.


Transform the data

The problem

The exported file comes in the grouped format, as a result not each individual transaction row has a properly designated Account ID and Account Description. Also, the file contains rows that have the blanks in the column C "Date" (MindBridge requires each transaction to have an affiliated posted date). 

The solution

In order to make your Sage 50 (Canada) file ready to ingest by MindBridge, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove the first three rows that contain unnecessary header content. Be sure to keep the first row as a header row (containing the name of each column). Remove the empty row below the header row.2.PNG

  2. Add column A "Account ID" and column B "Account Description" headers.3.PNG

  3. Fill in the blanks of the column A "Account ID" and the column B "Account Description", so that each individual transaction row has a properly designated account number and description beside each transaction (i.e., dragging down to ungroup) by following the step #6 in the Data Formatting Guide: The Basics guide.4.PNG

  4. Remove any rows that have the blanks in the column C "Date".5.PNG

  5. Verify that the "Debits" and "Credits" columns balance once the unnecessary data rows have been removed.
  6. The formatted file should look like this:6.PNG

Your file does not require any additional formatting and is ready to be imported into MindBridge. 


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