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Data Validation: Inconsistent date formats

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Learn how MindBridge reads various date formats.


During Data Validation, MindBridge lets you know that it has detected inconsistent date formats within the imported data.


Apply one date format consistently throughout a file — and ideally use YYYY-MM-DD format.

Root cause

Switching from MM/DD/YYYY to YY-DD-MM in the middle of the file can lead to mistakes in the data. 

Other supported formats may cause issues. For example, formats such as MM/DD/YYYY, MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YY, YY-DD-MM, and YYYYMMDD may be read incorrectly by MindBridge.

Inconsistent date formatting can occur if the person exporting the ledger data did not export all periods at once, and/or did not select the same settings each time an export was done. It can also occur if the client changed ERPs in the middle of the year.

When the general ledger spans multiple Excel workbooks and/or worksheets, somewhere in one of the worksheets, the dates were unformatted in Excel and saved in Excel numeric format, such as 44319 instead of 2021-05-03. MindBridge is unable to read dates in Excel numeric format.

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