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Which currencies does MindBridge support?

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Learn which currencies are currently supported by MindBridge.

Supported currencies

  • (AUD) Australian dollar 
  • (BRL) Brazilian real
  • (CAD) Canadian dollar 
  • (CHF) Swiss franc
  • (CNY) Chinese yuan 
  • (DKK) Danish krone 
  • (EUR) Euro 
  • (GBP) Pound sterling 
  • (INR) Indian rupee 
  • (JPY) Japanese yen 
  • (KRW) South Korean won 
  • (NOK) Norwegian krone
  • (NZD) New Zealand dollar 
  • (PHP) Philippine peso 
  • (SGD) Singapore dollar 
  • (USD) United States dollar
  • (ZAR) South African rand 
Note: The currencies listed above are set at the tenant-level and are used for display purposes in the app. MindBridge does not convert currency. 

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