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Export a Caseware classified trial balance

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Learn how to export a Caseware classified trial balance so you can create an account grouping in MindBridge.

Export the trial balance

  1. Open your working papers and go to the Trial Balance tab.mceclip0.png

  2. Click on any field, then use Ctrl+A to select all of the document's contents.
  3. Use Ctrl+C to copy the content.
  4. Open a new Excel file.
  5. Select column 1, row 2, then use Ctrl+V to paste in the contents.mceclip2.png

  6. Delete all columns other than:
    • Account Number
    • Name
    • Map Number
    • Leadsheet
    • Various Closing Balances
  7. Match the headers in the Excel document to the working paper columns.mceclip3.png

  8. Zero out revenues and expenses, then roll the net income into retained earnings. 
  9. Save the document.

You can import this file as your opening balance file.

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