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Data import is taking a long time or hanging

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Learn why your data may be importing slowly or not at all.


When importing a file into MindBridge, the progress bar has slowed to a crawl or has stopped progressing completely.



There may be an error but the page is not refreshing

    1. Select Close at the bottom of the page.
      You will go back to the Data page.
    2. Check for an error message — if one exists, search for it in the knowledge base.

The file is large and requires more time to process

If your file is particularly large (i.e., more than 100 MB unzipped, more than 5 million rows, or more than 20 columns) it is likely that MindBridge is still processing the file.

In this case, you can navigate away from the processing page and continue working on other tasks. If no errors occur during the import process, MindBridge will notify you when the file has finished processing.

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