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MindBridge score for AP and AR analyses

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The MindBridge score for AP and AR detail entries provides a general risk score for each entry, based on a weighted average of all control point results for the entry.

Default weights of AP and AR analysis control points

The following control points and their default weights included in the MindBridge score are listed below.

Control point Type Default weight

2 Digit Benford

Statistical  5

Activity Flurry

Machine learning 10

Cash Expenditure

Rules-based 1

Vendor with a Debit Balance 
Note: The control point Vendor with a Debit Balance is only included in AP analyses.

Rules-based 10

Duplicate Document

Rules-based 5

Empty Text Field

Rules-based 5

End of Analysis Period

Rules-based 5

End of Reporting Period

Rules-based 5

High Monetary Value

Rules-based 5

Invoice Created After Effective Date

Statistical 5

Invoice From Related Party / Invoice to Related Party

Rules-based 5

Invoice Out Of Order

Machine learning  5

Last 3 Digits

Rules-based  5

Manual Entry

Rules-based  5

Memo With Different Period

Statistical  5

Old Unpaid Invoice

Rules-based  10

Suspicious Keyword

Rules-based  5

Unusual Amount by Vendor / Unusual Amount by Customer

Machine learning 40

Vendor Not in Vendor List / Customer Not in Customer List

Rules-based 10

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