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Downloading a Row Usage Report

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Provides a list of analyses successfully completed on behalf of your organization’s MindBridge users



The Row Usage Report provides a list of analyses successfully completed on behalf of your organization’s MindBridge users. Each row shows the number of rows of current-period data in the analysis. The report can be filtered by date of analysis completion.


The report provides you with insight into the size of your clients' current period data files. After downloading the report you can open it as a spreadsheet and filter out archived analyses in order to exclude previous versions of analyses from your row counts.



To perform this task you’ll need to navigate to MindBridge’s Admin section.


NOTE: Depending on your level of access, the Admin button may not be visible. If you’re not an App Admin, contact your App Admin to perform this task or to give you access.



From MindBridge’s Admin section, click the Row Usage Report tab.


From the Row Usage Report tab, click the Calendar icon to expose the calendar drop-down menu. Choose your date range for the report. The date range filters analyses by date of successful analysis completion.


Once you've chosen a date range, click Download Report.



MindBridge will generate a report which will download to your browser's default download location. Here's an example of a Usage Report:



If you have any questions, please contact support by using the in-app chat feature, reaching out to your assigned Customer Success Manager, or by emailing directly.

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