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Sage Intacct: Export the general ledger

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Learn how to export a general ledger file from Sage Intacct. 


  • There is a General Ledger report that can be exported from the General Ledger menu, however this export requires additional data formatting before importing into MindBridge. In this article we will show you a different way of exporting the General Ledger details report that will require minimal data transformation.
  • We recommend exporting to CSV because Sage Intacct Excel exports are to XLS (not XLSX) files, which have a 65,536 row limitation.
  • Alternatively, you can use our direct Sage Intacct integration.

Extract data

Watch the following video on how to extract data or read the steps outlined below.

Open the video in YouTube for high resolution. 


  1. From the homepage, click the Applications drop-down in the top of the page. Click Reports - Custom Reports.

  2. You will be taken the Custom Report Wizard, where you can define the metrics for the exported report. In Step 1, select General Ledger Detail under the Primary data source drop-down and click Next in the top right corner of the page.

  3. In Step 2, add columns to the report. MindBridge requires the following fields:
    • Account number
    • Account title
    • Amount, or Credit Amount and Debit Amount
    • Entry Date
    • Transaction number
      You may want to include the following additional fields should you require them for your Analysis:
    • Created date
    • Document description or Document entry memo or Document reference (depending on which one contains the most relevant useful information).
    • Record type
    • User ID
    • Journal
    • any other fields

  4. Once all the columns are selected, click Next in the top right corner of the page.

  5. In Steps 3-10, customize your report further as desired.  
    Note: The Custom GL detail report automatically includes journal entries in all states, including draft, submitted, and partially approved states. In Step 7 "Filter your report," you can select journal entries to include or exclude by using the GL entry state. For example, GL Entry State Equals 'XYZ' or Excludes 'ABC'.

  6. In Step 9, specify the date range for your report.

  7. Select CSV from the drop-down and click Go in the top right corner of this page.

  8. Click Download the file. Your file will download to your computer's default download location. 7.PNG

  9. The exported file should look like this:

  10. In Step 11, you can save the report and add it to the menu for future use.

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