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Risk overview dashboard: Overview (Accounts payable)

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Learn about the Risk overview dashboard for accounts payable analyses in MindBridge.

Go to the Risk overview tab

  1. Select the logo in the MindBridge sidebar. 
    You will go to the Organizations page.
  2. Select View in line with the desired organization, or click anywhere in the organization row. 
    You will go to the Engagements page.
  3. Select View in line with the desired engagement, or click anywhere in the engagement row. 
    You will go to the Data page for that particular engagement.
  4. Select View Analysis on the desired analysis and select the name of the analysis you want to see.
  5. Within an analysis, select Risk overview.*

*Note: This is the default landing tab within accounts payable and accounts receivable analyses.

Tip: If you are already in an analysis, simply use the sidebar to open the Analyze menu, then select the name of the analysis you want to see and go to the Risk overview tab.


The Risk overview dashboard provides a summary of risk in the accounts payable ledger. For every entry, a collection of control points produces a risk score (the aggregate of its control point scores).

The Risk overview dashboard displays the following information:


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