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Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP): Exporting CSV Files

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Jonathon Plowman-Samson
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Learn how to export .csv files from Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP).


  1. Click on the top left on Microsoft Dynamics GP (it should have a little dropdown arrow beside it)
  2. Select SmartList.
  3. Go to Financial series (click the +)
  4. Go to Account Transactions (click the +)
  5. Click the first entry (should be an asterisk *) for all entries.
  6. Ensure that all necessary columns are included by checking the Columns button at the top (TRX Date, Account Number, Account Description, Journal Entry Number, Debits, Credits & Memo).
  7. Use the search bar to find the date range you are looking for (Jan 1 - Dec 31), and ensure that the default Maximum Records option is set to as high as possible to make sure all entries are accounted for.
  8. Select Send To Excel across the top of the screen, and it should export in .xlsx format.
  9. Send it forward.

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