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Trial and General Ledger Balance Check Report (General Ledger)

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The article gives an overview of the Trial and General ledger balance check report and how you can download that.


Note: To learn how to generate reports from MindBridge, visit our article on Generating Reports in MindBridge.


The Trial and General Ledger Balance Check report is an exported .XLSX file that can help you confirm the completeness of a General Ledger (GL) by comparing your supplied closing balances with our calculated values.


For each account in your client’s data, MindBridge calculates a closing balance (shown in column Closing Balance) by adding the opening balance you’ve provided (shown in column Opening Balance) to the change in the account in your client’s GL (shown in column Delta). This closing balance is compared with the closing balance that your client has supplied in their TB (shown in column Supplied Closing Balance).

The difference between the two values is shown in column Supplied - Actual Delta.


If the difference between the calculated and the supplied balance is above the tolerance that you’ve selected through the Balance Tolerance input at the top of the report, then the Tolerance Testing column of the report will show “Out of Balance” for the account. If the values are the same within the tolerance, the Tolerance Testing column of the report will show “Account Balanced”. If an account is not present in your client’s opening or closing balance, this account will be highlighted yellow in the report.



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